Remove Shortcut Virus

When your open the USB Stick and you don't see your files probably your USB stick infected with viruses. This problem different codes create of "Shortcut virus" viruses. If your USB Stick have "Shortcut virus" viruses, don't to reset. IF You want easily save "Shortcut virus" viruses, you can use UsbShow program. And you can save the viruses. You can see files with UsbShow programs.

Starting the program of USBSHOW

  • UsbShow program; start written attrib -r-a-s-h/s/d command with cmd , after operate , shows secret files.
  • UsbShow program, You can easily delete files with extensions of bak,.ini,.inf,.lnk and .bin command
  • Shortcut virus, command may be infected of wuauclt, rundll32, TrustedInstaller, msiexec, LMkamcx and you can easily close the wuauclt, rundll32, TrustedInstaller, msiexec, LMkamcx programs with this abc program.
  • Shortcut virus added "Temp" folder in LMkamcx, wuauclt,rundll32, trustedInstaller, msiexec files. with UsbShow program, you can delete this files and, you can clear the Shortcut virus.